About 2018 Healing NET International Summit

It is no small task to bring together the thinkers, researchers, and multidisciplinary clinicians from around the world who understand and practice the complicated nuances of neuroendocrine tumor (NET) cancer care every day. The pro and con debates and conversations about unmet needs over the past 2 years have shaped a conference that is unique in its makeup, as well as in its execution. We thank our supporters, partners, faculty, and attendees who have brought us to year 3. We will be bringing together neuroendocrine cancer (NET) expert providers from around the globe February 22-24, 2018 in San Diego, CA.

The 2018 Summit will have seen the submittal of our first consensus paper publishing an academic review based on the expert dialogue from the first 2 years. There has been unmeasurable success in the connections made between physicians and researchers whose separate disciplines would not have ordinarily brought them together in a conference setting. We have established a nurse and nurse practitioner path whose role in the achievement of top-quality NET patient care is essential. During this time, the NET community as a whole has been experiencing landmark changes, from the number of patients diagnosed, to the potential of new and exciting diagnostic and treatment choices.

However, the fact remains that NET cancer patients still go too long without the proper diagnosis, access to NET specialists remains limited due to geographic or economic issues, and there is still a general lack of awareness about the disease that permeates the medical community as well as the general population and media. It is a problem that will remain as long as the experts, advocates, and patients remain separated in their efforts.

The theme for 2018 will be “Working Together.” It is not an easy task, but just like the first Summit, the first step is showing up. The second step is a robust “roll up the sleeves” schedule of topics and sessions, and our Summit Scientific Advisory Committee is working on those plans. We anticipate key outcomes from 2018 that will shape The Healing NET Foundation's future programs and inspire ways for the NET community, from providers to patient advocates, to work together to create better awareness and ultimately impact NET patient care.