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The 2nd Annual HNF International NET Summit will be Feb 21-23 in Beaver Creek, CO.  Last year more than 30 faculty convened with NET experts from across the United States and Europe to begin a conversation on the intricacies and challenges in caring for patients with neuroendocrine cancer and carcinoid syndrome.  This year's Summit will focus on "Unmet Needs in the NET Community" and more than 40 faculty are expected, from various disciplines including endocrinology, gastroenterology, oncology, surgery, basic science, radiology, and cardiology.  The faculty is by invitation from the Summit Scientific Advisory Committee.  Sponsors include the medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, patient advocacy groups, and a Prospectus on the Summit can be obtained by reaching out to AAdair@the-lynx-group.com or cindylovelace@thehealingnet.org.

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2016 LungNET Conference, Denver CO, June 2011

Thanks to all who attended and supported the 2016 LungNET conference in Denver, CO presented by NCAN, and co-sponsored by Healing NET Foundation, Novartis, and Ipsen. We are also grateful to Dr. Kjell Oberg, Dr. Eric Liu, Dr. Robert Ramirez, Dr. Garrett Gannuch, Dr. Maggie Ryan, Dr. Richard Parker, Dr. Charlie Nutting, and Dr. Majd Kobitary, who presented topics ranging from the basics of LungNET to meds, therapies, surgery and non-surgery management, to clinical trials. 

Thanks to special supporters of the Healing NET Foundation, we were also honored to underwrite Dr. Kjell Oberg’s consultation with patients at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, in cooperation with Dr. Liu and Dr. Cohn. We’ve already heard feedback from many patients who were thrilled to be able to ask questions, and absorb expert opinion from a world leader of NET care and research.

First picture: Cindy Lovelace, Healing NET Foundation and Lela Selby, Co-Leader of Colorado NET Support Group. Second picture: Maryanne Wahmann, President of NCAN. Third picture (left to right) Dr. Kobitary, Dr. Ramirez, Dr. Liu, Dr. Ryan, Dr. Parker, and Dr. Oberg

Opening Remarks by Bob Wahmann (NCAN), Cindy Lovelace (Healing NET Foundation) and Maryann Wahmann (NCAN) at the 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

Dr. Robert Ramirez (Ochsner-New Orleans) presentation on “Basics of Lung Neuroendocrine” at the 2016 LungNET Conference June 11 in Denver.

Dr. Kjell Oberg of Uppsala, Sweden at the 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

Dr. Eric Liu at the 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

Dr. Charlie Nutting 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

Dr.Richard K. Parker 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

Dr. Maggie Ryan, 2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

2016 LungNET Conference, Jun 11 in Denver CO

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NET Cancer Awareness Day to Giving Tuesday
to Dec 1

NET Cancer Awareness Day to Giving Tuesday

THANK a "doc" who has made a huge difference in understanding and healing NET for you, a family member, or a friend.  The Healing NET Foundation wants to tell the world what that person has meant to the NET patient (ZEBRA) community!   Perhaps we will inspire more physicians to become educated about neuroendocrine cancer.

Beginning on NET Cancer Awareness Day, November 10, through Giving Tuesday, December 2, we will be posting the names of all "docs" recognized by you.  For each mention a doc receives, he or she will get a special Healing NET Zebra heart.  

Your doc or your loved one's doc may not be a specialist, but that's ok.  We still want to hear why they are special.  

Send us their name, location, and one sentence that sums up how or why they have made a difference in healing NET.  Email info@thehealingnet.org and be sure to put THANK MY DOC in the subject line.  Don't forget to tell us who you are too!   

If you would like to make a Donation to the Healing NET Foundation as we seek to educate more physicians, and fund programs for better treatment and care of patients, you can choose In Honor Of your special "doc" and the Healing NET Foundation will send a special THANK YOU letter to your physician letting them know how their work has made a difference in your life, as well as for future lives.  

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