Dazzle in the Sun Cruise 2018 ("Dazzle" means group of Zebras)

NET patients and caregivers from across the country met on board to share their stories and enjoy life with other folks who identify with their journey. See photos here. Carnival Cruise Lines donated back a percentage of each cabin to Healing NET Foundation to support our mission. Look for another opportunity next summer to be part of a FUN-raiser and a FUND-raiser just by sailing away with your Zebra friends! Write info@thehealingnet.org to inquire.

Operation Preparation

Operation Preparation is a team challenge. Four teams enrolled to compete for dinner with Dr. Liu. Operation Preparation started because often NET patients ask their physician," What can or should I eat?" The subject of nutrition is an important one for any cancer patient, but for someone with NETs, it affects your quality of daily living! We have been focusing on healthy eating, and nutritionist Leigh Anne Burns, a specialist in NET-friendly eating, has been sharing nutritional tips and resources on our Zebra Blog.

Zebra Herd Why We Run

We're running to raise awareness, funds, and foster a community that supports research and collaboration to help fight NET Cancer! Help us make strides in the NET cancer world with your generous donations, as we race through Nashville.

Our mission is simple. The Healing NET Foundation was founded by individuals with a common desire to bring neuroendocrine cancer from the obscurity of the “cancer that Steve Jobs had” to a level of understanding that neuroendocrine tumors are very treatable forms of cancer; many patients can live long lives of high quality.  We understand it first-hand, as physicians or as patients. With your support, we can truly make a difference.

Put The Spin On NETs

The Healing NET Foundation would like to give a special thanks to Joel Chechik and Urban Cycle (founded by Josh Segal). Chechik and Segal was able to come up with a fitness fundraiser in South Minneapolis that emphasize a holistic approach to health through proper movement, healthy eating, mental wellbeing, and chiropractic care. A total of $1400 was raised. The money will go to funding programs that help educate the general medical community about NETs and empower patients to connect physicians to the best resources. Click here to check out Put The Spin on Nets fundraising page


During November the HNF wanted to create awareness for NET Cancer by telling your stories! Our vision is to help share your unique NET story among our HNF growing community. During NET Cancer Awareness Month (November), we featured a new story every day.  

We would like to THANK YOU ALL in helping us give hope, education, inspiration, and awareness! In an effort to create more awareness and support, we have set a goal of raising $10,000!  and we reached our goal by the end November! THANK YOU ALL! 

Denver Half-Marathon

Thanks to Cindy Parcell, husband Stan, and the rest of the "Pandas" for completing the Denver Half-Marathon and raising money for The Healing NET Foundation! Check out the sleeve on their t-shirts, courtesy of Toyota, one of the sponsors! Cindy TELLS HER STORY to raise awareness and funding to beat NET cancer.  She has been training, raising money, and has passed  goal....Click Here to read Cindy Parcell’s full story.