Hero of Hope Finalist

CONQUER: The Patient Voice™ magazine in partnership with the Academy of Oncology of Nurse & Patient Navigators® (AONN) is proud to announce our very own Healing NET Foundation Executive Director and survivor, Cindy Lovelace as a 2016 finalist for Hero of Hope ™ Patient Award.

Cindy has shown extraordinary commitments to the NET community fundraising and hierarchical authority. Cindy Lovelace serves as a good example to other individuals with NET or any form of malignancy. Hero of Hope is sending the 6 leading nominees to the Seventh Annual AONN+ Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The winner of the Hero of Hope Award will be declared at the conference and get a plaque perceiving their commitments to the cancer community and also a gift of $1,000 made to their preferred philanthropy in their name.

Listen to Cindy's story

After being diagnosed with a rare cancer, Cindy started the Healing NET Foundation. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to giving more resources to physicians who are treating neuroendocrine tumors.