Aretha Franklin's Passing Brings Attention to Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors (PNETs)

The nation mourns the passing of legendary musician and recording artist Aretha Franklin from "pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type" (according to a statement by her publicist). Many news reports mention pancreatic cancer as the cause of her death but more specifically she had a neuroendocrine tumor located in her pancreas (pNET). Neuroendocrine cancer makes up 5-6% of the cases of cancer found in the pancreas. Neuroendocrine tumors can appear in a variety of sites in the body. Download the NET Primer to read more about neuroendocrine tumors.

Healing NET issued a press release with comments from Aretha's physician Dr. Philip A. Philip and Healing NET co-founder and chief medical director Dr. Eric Liu in the hope that members of the press will get the story of this disease straight. Greater awareness can lead to quicker diagnosis and better outcomes for patients.

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