NET Boot Camp for Physicians and APPs

Because NETs are a rare disease, patients have a hard time finding doctors who are well-versed in their diagnosis.

NET experts attending the Summit feel a responsibility to recruit others, to grow the number of physicians with knowledge of NET care both to meet the demand of a growing patient population and to replace retiring doctors.

The Boot Camp Breakout Session at the 2019 Summit included NET physicians from various disciplines, as well as European leaders involved in teaching and educating providers about neuroendocrine cancer in established programs overseas. Here are some of their key findings—

Healing NET to develop a two-day fixed course as well as a one-day course that can be attached to existing meetings and events to reach people in various specialties with a best-practices overview of neuroendocrine cancer care. The core foundation for this course is an understanding that providers need to think differently about NET tumors versus other cancers.

MD’s and APP’s would be the target audience and the program will be taught by experts in different disciplines so they can field questions from a wealth of experience.

Participants will be chosen based on their application and reference letter. Measures of success could include a pre- and post-test, patient numbers and retention, as well as engagement in mentoring, projects with peers, and NANETS membership.

Healing NET will work with partners to offer CME credit as well as to reach candidates.