The Healing NET Foundation is a non-profit organization (501c3) whose mission is to optimize the care of those with neuroendocrine cancer through the education of and collaboration among physicians, health care providers, patients, and caregivers. 


International Healing NET Summit

The Summit is Healing NET's signature event. NET experts from North America and Europe gather to discuss innovations in care and to build a collaborative network of engaged professionals in visioning the future of patient care.

Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Primer for Healthcare Professionals

The Primer is an educational tool directed at healthcare professionals on the front lines of diagnosis and care for NET patients. Too many patients wait years for the proper diagnosis, and patients may not receive optimal care. The Primer is brief and yet full of current best practices and considerations when supporting a NET patient.

Education, Awareness & Support

The Healing NET Foundation maintains a website with news and information about neuroendocrine cancer and sends out a monthly newsletter. Read TEN FACTS ON NET to understand why raising awareness of this disease is crucial. The website includes a forum "Tell Your Story," where patients and caregivers share their experiences. Other programs include:

Patient-Physician Communication Enhancement

A task force is hard at work discussing and developing tools to improve the interactions between physicians and patients. This effort is a direct outgrowth of conversations at the International Healing NET Summit.

Travel Grants to NANETS Annual Symposium

For the past four years, Healing NET has funded travel grants to support healthcare professionals attending the North American Neuroendocrine Tumors Society's Annual Symposium for the first time. In 2017 we sent six nurses to the Symposium. Healing NET recognizes the important role of nursing in excellent care.

CLICK HERE here to read feedback from the grantees as to how their education helped them care for their patients and spread awareness among their peers. 

European Physician Exchange

In 2018, Healing NET completed the exchange that began a number of years ago when Healing NET Co-Founder and Chief Medical Advisor studied under Kjell Oberg and Dan Granberg in Uppsala, Sweden. This donor-supported effort brought Dr. Oberg to Denver in 2016 and Dr. Granberg to Denver in 2018. As Dr. Granberg noted, "I always think that it is valuable to meet people from other countries and other cultures, learning from each other." Read more.

Patient Assistance Fund

This donor-supported program provides support to patients who need help with non-reimbursable expenses incurred when traveling to see a NET specialist. This pilot program supports patients traveling to see Dr. Eric Liu or Dr. Allen Cohn at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center in Denver.

Insights Survey

Healing NET board member and NET patient, Gary Murfin, PhD, spearheaded a survey of patients that yielded helpful insights into the patient experience. Download results here.