The Healing NET Tapestry Project showcases the many who play a part in improving care for NET patients. Weaving together the voices and perspectives of the NET community—physicians, nurses, patients, caregivers, scientists, industry, and others—makes us stronger. The resulting tapestry creates the best possible care for NET patients.

I’m inspired by the patients I see and treat. These people might term them professional survivors.
— George Fisher, MD and NET Oncologist
Many of the institutions did not have a NET expert, and the information available at the institution was very limited and often wrong.
— Jean Borden, NET patient and retired RN
What inspires me is the courage of other patients and the dedication of NET specialists.
— Ken Ertel, Patient and Support Group Leader
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Patients’ perspectives need to be shared.
— Jerome Zacks, Cardiologist
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I am inspired by cross-functional and cross-discipline community cooperation.
— Rachel, pharmaceutical industry, patient advocate

We need your help! Tell us your experience in writing or with a photo or video—we will advance awareness through the stories, images, and videos we collect!

  • Name (first and/or last) and if Patient, Caregiver, Friend, Physician, Nurse or Allied Health, Industry or Supporter

  • What is the biggest challenge to achieving “best possible care”?

  • What gives you inspiration?

  • What have you learned that needs to be shared?

Your support will not only raise awareness, it will also kickstart valuable new learning opportunities for physicians and nurses, and a new Neuroendocrine Primer for Patients, But we can't do it without you!

If you have any questions or difficulty submitting the Tapestry word form or uploading a photo or video, please contact!

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Thanks to Kathleen Haskett of Nashville for quilting this piece in honor of the NET community. The patient or “Zebra” receives the best quality of life when all stakeholders embrace a common thread of working together to achieve top care.

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