I would like to pay tribute to Dr. Reza Nazemzadeh, at Levine Cancer Institute, in Charlotte, NC, for 4 1/2 years of caring, listening, and learning with me along my NET journey. —Mary K. Stewart
I want to thank my oncologist Dr. Rebecca Miksad of Beth Israel, Boston, MA for listening to me, supporting me, and taking time to call Dr. Eric Liu to learn about PRRT and compassionately supporting me, when others around disagreed with PRRT. —Donna Melendez
I cannot say enough about Dr. David Iannitti, at Carolinas HealthCare System/Levine Cancer Institute, Charlotte, NC; this caring, extremely talented physician who has been instrumental in the care of my carcinoid syndrome, and everyone on his team for all they do for zebras. I once asked Dr. Iannitti how he was able to ablate 50 carcinoid tumors in a woman’s liver and he replied “with a lot of patience”! —Ellen Thompson
Dr. Manisha Shah at OSU James Cancer Center has made a difference in my life. She knows her stuff as to when, or if you need surgery; wait-watch-treat. I am in my 8th year, with no new tumors for the past two years. —Patricia Risch
I was a breast cancer survivor when I was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer and was astounded to learn that my cancer docs could not answer my questions as to what NET was, how it behaved, or what treatments to follow. I found Dr. Eric Liu on the internet in my own hometown; a Neuroendocrine Specialist who DID have answers, and I thank him for his expertise, his compassion, and his care. —Cindy Lovelace
Dr. Noelle LoConte of Madison, WI. She has given us HOPE. — Jerry and Lori Marcotte
We would like to thank Dr. Lowell Hart of Florida Cancer Specialists in Ft. Myers, FL. Although he is not a NET specialist, he is very caring to my wife and treats her with dignity and respect. He makes the effort to find out the right special treatment she needs and so far has been right in line with the information we find online from NET forums that other NET patients receive. —Tim and Maiya Christensen
Thank you Dr. Thomas O’Dorisio at the Holden Cancer Center at the University Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa for your great care.—Linda Kiene
Dr. Veena Shankaran at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance has meant the world to me in my fight against NET Cancer due to her compassion, bed-side manner, and awareness of not only the disease but of her own knowledge and limits thereof; without her I’d have to air-travel to see the right doctor.—Teren Bryson
Thank you to my oncologist, Dr. Nicholas Finn at the Dr Georges L. Dumont Hospital in Moncton, NB, Canada. I am so grateful to have an oncologist in my area who is making this rare cancer his specialty. —Annette Jonah
Thank You Dr. Lowell B. Anthony,Markey Cancer Center, Lexington, KY! After being told by my first oncologist that there was nothing that could be done for me, I searched out Dr. Anthony who has given me two pain free years, my spirit back, and I’m looking forward to more years of life. —Rosie Ritchison (Indiana)
Dr. Liu (Tennessee) thank you so much for taking care of my zebra!!! Dr. Wang and Dr Boudreaux (New Orleans) thank you for standing for such long hours in the operating room your hard work is appreciated!!! —Chris Nashville.
I would like to thank Dr. Jonathan Strosberg at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL, for dedicating his medical understanding and researching cures for NET’s and for overseeing my care for the past three years.—Rebecca (Becky) Peterson
Thank You Dr Lowell B Anthony! I am Rozella Sears sister in law. Before she found you she was confined to her home due to her symptoms. You have literally given her life back to her, us. There are no words that can express our thanks. May God Bless you and your work.—Gail Sears
Dr. Jennifer Ang Chan at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston is a wonderful, articulate and compassionate doctor who has been a tremendous help in managing my disease and explaining the rationale for treatments. She is a great choice for patients in the Northeastern US and is part of a multi-disciplinary team that has a lot of experience with NETs.—Beth Ripston
My gratitude goes out to Dr. Ryan at Charlotte Gastroenterology and Hematology. While I have been seen by so many amazing, caring, and wonderful specialists, I never would have been able to see them if Dr. Ryan, my gastroenterologist, did not hear the hoofs of the zebras. He never gave up trying to find what was making me sick, he is my hero and the kind of Dr.s we all should get to see. Thank you for caring —Laura Dahlgren
Thank You Dr. Lowell B. Anthony, Markey Cancer Center, Lexington, Kentucky, for giving my friend, Rosie Ritchison the gift of “Time”. —Brenda Stevens
I would like to recognize Dr. Rodney Pommier at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland Oregon. Surgical Oncology Department. Dr. Pommier used his masterful surgical skills and expertise to give me life saving surgery removing 27 tumors and has continued to treat me with such care and compassion, two years later I am ecstatic to be living my life still NED!!!
I would also like to recognize Dr. Ike Onwere, Samaritan Hematology and Oncology, Corvallis, Oregon, the physician who diagnosed me with carcinoid cancer after several passed off my symptoms (carcinoid syndrome) as hot flashes, and has continued to treat me with great care and concern, from diagnosis, after surgery care and now monitoring for any new growth. —Barbara Bunch
I dont have NET, but my husband was just diagnoised this August with Stage IV of his colon with Mets to his liver. I would like to thank with all my heart, Dr. Rebecca Dunphy from Fort Collins, Colorado. She’s not an an oncologist, but a damn good GI doctor who found my husband’s cancer. She knew something was funny about a biopsy she did and she sent it to multiple pathologists to find out what it was. Her diligence lead to proper diagnosis. We never had to go to multiple doctors and get the run around like so many have to deal with. —Thank you, Marissa
I have a great team of doctors that work with me to fight NET. I would like to thank Dr. David Mastrianni from Saratoga Hospital Hematology/Oncology in Saratoga Springs NY. He is the best!! I would also like to thank Dr. Dianne Reidy-Lagunes from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. She is a tremendous NET specialist and a wonderful doctor. You both have made my life so much better. —Shelby Johansson
I would like to thank the following doctors at The Cleveland Clinic for their compassionate caring, personal interest in Neuroendocrine Cancer and kindness in my care. Dr. Laura Lipold, Dr. Nathan Pennell, Dr. Michelle Inkster, Dr. Atul Mehta. They are truly inspiring physicians who are personally dedicated to their professions, always seeking more information for their patients regarding their diseases. They have gone far above their daily routine to investigate and learn more about Neuroendocrine Cancers. Maybe, someday The Cleveland Clinic will have their own Neuroendocrine Cancer specialist. Thank you, Jean Borden