Patient-Physician Communication

Because physicians are under time constraints and patients may be overwhelmed with new information, it is hard to be sure that communication is effective and trust is built.

The Patient-Physician task force has been working together since the 2018 Summit. Their work has included reviewing the NET VITALS tool created by LACNETS last year, adding a physician-patient communication section to the Healing NET Primer (2nd Edition) for Healthcare Professionals, and brainstorming additional projects. At the 2019 Summit, the task force prioritized tasks for this year:

1. Create a Patient Primer similar to HNF Primer for Healthcare Professionals. Just like the new 2nd edition Primer just published, this one would include a section on how to better communicate with your physician.  

2. Add information to the Primers and/or the Healing NET website that addresses insurance issues both patients and physicians face. The group felt that helping physicians better navigate the too-often denials by insurance companies for NET-related treatments, as well as helping patients with this, addresses a communication barrier between the two.

 3. Create a guide or tutorial, entitled “Support Group 101,” that is directed to health care providers in the interest of improving or even introducing communication and collaboration between physicians and NET support groups in their area.