Gil finish line.jpg

National Park Run for Anna Rose and NET cancer awareness

Gil Schaenzle crossed the "Zebra Finish Line" at Rocky Mountain National Park on August 4, 2018, having driven and flown 42,000 miles to walk, run, and paddle 350 miles in 51 National Parks, 12 National Monuments, and 2 National Preserves in nine months. Her daughter’s courageous spirit was her inspiration, and her effort raised awareness of NET cancer and raised funds for Healing NET. Read more here.

Zebra Herd Why We Run

Runners invited support from friends for their run in the Music City Marathon to raise awareness, funds, and foster a community that supports research and collaboration to help fight NET Cancer!

Joel Spin FR.jpg

Put The Spin On NETs

Joel Chechik, with Urban Cycle founder Josh Segal, came up with a fitness fundraiser in South Minneapolis that emphasized a holistic approach to health through proper movement, healthy eating, mental wellbeing, and chiropractic care. A total of $1400 was raised. 

Denver Half Marathon

Cindy Parcell, husband Stan, and the rest of the "Pandas" completed the Denver Half Marathon to raise money for The Healing NET Foundation! Check out the sleeve on their t-shirts, courtesy of Toyota, one of the sponsors!