3rd International Healing NET Summit February 22-24, 2018

Summit 2018 attendees.jpeg

It is no small task to bring together the thinkers, researchers, and multidisciplinary clinicians from around the world who understand and practice the complicated nuances of neuroendocrine tumor (NET) cancer care every day.

In 2016 the first Summit in Beaver Creek, CO introduced a concept of multi-disciplinary clinicians sitting down at the same table to debate pro and con the various diagnositic and treatment options for neuroendocrine care.

The second Summit in 2017 (also in Beaver Creek, CO) focused on unmet needs and a spirit of collaboration was developed between the attendees. A faculty panel was developed to write a consensus paper summarizing Summit work over the first two years. In 2018 the Summit convened in San Diego, CA with a "Working Together" theme in order to initiate solutions to those unmet needs. We thank our supporters, partners, faculty, and attendees who have been instrumental to the success of each Summit.

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