New Year Resolutions for Cancer Patients

NOTE:  Healing NET Foundation Board director Brenna Mader (blogger, nutrition and health advocate) shares five goals for cancer survivors in 2015.  As a NET survivor myself, I need to do a better job of reaching as many of these goals as I can,  particularly since I have to advocate for my own medical care.  Best wishes for 2015--Cindy Lovelace, HNF Executive Director.  

1. Keep Stress to a Minimum - Do whatever it takes to lower your stress - adding yoga, meditation, regular massages, etc. to your routine are great ways to keep your stress at bay which is vital in achieving your best health. 

2. Fill your body with organic nutrients and plenty of filtered water - This one is a given, but there’s something inspirational about the dawn of a brand new year - now is the time to change your habits. The consumption of lots of fresh produce is a necessity - but make sure it’s organic as non organic produce has been treated with pesticides aka some of the nastiest toxins. A great way to get more of these organic micronutrients is with fresh, raw, unpasturized juice. Buy your own juicer (I like Breville and Hamilton Beach juicers) and make your own juice at home and get familiar with your local juice bars! (But remember, organic is key - always check with the juice bars to be sure that their produce is organic!) Drinking plenty of filtered water is a great way to transport toxins out of the body. In addition, every cell and organ in the body depends on water to function properly. Take every measure to be sure that your body has everything it needs to function at it’s highest capability. 

3. Try some homeopathic remedies, like a far infrared sauna. These saunas have become popular in Eastern Medicine for treating a variety of things for many years, but gained popularity in the United States after Lance Armstrong touted using them as one of the ways he fought and beat cancer. In addition to detoxing and helping reduce chronic pain, time in the far infrared sauna is also relaxing and can help reduce stress. 

4. Connect with other patients/survivors - realize that you are not alone. Connecting might mean joining an online community or a support group - however you do it, there is a lot of educational and emotional support to be gained from joining with others going through something similar.  

5. Add regular moderate exercise - Find something you enjoy doing like tennis, zumba, yoga, hiking outdoors, etc. It’s easier to stick to a routine if you have a friend to hold you accountable. Studies have shown that regular exercise helps reduce stress, keep weight in check, and helps improve physical function and quality of life for cancer patients.