Dr. Eric Liu announces new "Home" for NET patients

Dear friends,

I am so glad to announce that we are setting up a neuroendocrine clinic in Denver, CO, at the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers.  It has been a long journey and I thank you for your patience.  I am eager to work with you to keep you all as healthy as possible.

I want you to know that my vision and goal in Denver is to build a "home" for you, where neuroendocrine is known and understood by all.  I've spent the last 6 months working hard with the Healing NET Foundation so we can advocate and educate.  But, I have also been looking around the country for just the right place to work.  I completely understand your frustrations.  Many in the healthcare field are not familiar with the word neuroendocrine.  Or, they just pegged me as a surgeon and wanted me to do that all day.

I chose not to go to a university setting because neuroendocrine deserves special attention that can be lost in the shuffle at such a big place.  When I met the people at Rocky Mountain Cancer Center, I knew this was the right place for us.  Dr. Al Cohn, an accomplished medical oncologist at RMCC, shares my vision and passion for NET.  Teaming up with Dr. Charlie Nutting, a well known neuroendocrine interventional radiologist, is such a blessing.  We really have a multidisciplinary expert team under one roof.

Today's announcement is just the beginning.  It is our plan to build you a NET home that has expertise, advanced imaging (gallium scan!), advanced surgery and liver directed therapies, and clinical trials.  We will work closely with our European colleagues and have frequent, active exchange programs (anyone want to see Dr. Oberg?).  Remember, we will care for you as a person, not just a disease.  We will have a dedicated nurse practitioner to help with symptoms and health.  

I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with amazing new colleagues, but more importantly, I am blessed to work with all of you.  Be patient as the clinic goes through some growing pains.  When it is running at full steam, I hope it will be a special place for you all.


Healing NET Foundation invites you to view this special announcement from Dr. Eric Liu regarding where he will be re-locating his practice.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Dr. Liu will begin his practice with the Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers beginning June 1, 2015. If you are interested in an appointment there, please contact Melissa Coria at RMCC: 

1. Call 303-388-4876 or email melissa.coria@usoncology.com and put Dr. Liu Patient Request in Subject line.  

PLEASE BE A PATIENT PATIENT!  As you can imagine, there has already been a large influx of calls, and Dr. Liu will determine the order of appointments based on most urgent needs.  If your followup is routine, it would be helpful to just call and get on the list for a future appointment.