When Surveys Really Matter

Surveys are a popular request…you know this. The oil change place wants to know if you had a good experience, Amazon wants you to rate the product you bought, Expedia wants to know how your trip went, the new restaurant wants to know if their food was good, and the list goes on.

Let’s be honest. I do the eye roll too when I receive the request. I DONT HAVE TIME TO FILL OUT YOUR SURVEY! Plus you are just going to irritate me with another marketing ploy based on my answers anyway. Forget it.

But sometimes surveys really matter. As much as I hate filling out all that information at the doctor’s office that I was certain I’ve filled out before, I really want to be sure they know what I’ve been through and what I’m experiencing now. My health is at stake.

It’s why we introduced the idea of the Healing NET Foundation INSIGHTS Survey. We want to better inform the medical community as to what NET patients have been through, and what they are experiencing now. Not just one patient, not just ten patients, but hundreds of patients. We want to come up with some numbers that are going to get attention, now.

It’s not for a marketing campaign, it’s not to sell you anything, or to pat ourselves on the back.

It’s simply because our health is at stake. That’s when surveys really matter.

If you have not done so yet, please take a few minutes to help us out. Click here for Insights Survey

Thank you!

Cindy Lovelace HNF Executive Director and PNET survivor