Healthy Summer Diet with Carcinoid Syndrome

Healing NET Foundation note: There is a summer bounty of fresh vegetables available this time of year, but how can you enjoy and avoid aggravating symptoms of carcinoid syndrome? Leigh Anne Kamerman Burns has practiced medical nutritional therapy for 20 years and for the last four years has worked with carcinoid (NET) patients in clinical oncology care in New Orleans. Leigh Anne speaks at many patient conferences and recently spoke at the LACNETS patient conference in Los Angeles. She shares some thoughts on how to prepare your favorite summer veggies.

“Summer Squash, both yellow and zucchini are good summer foods which can be used steamed or cooked by tossing in a hot pasta dish where they will be wilted. You can also use the summer squash as an appetizer with other foods. Carcinoid syndrome patients should avoid eggplant and tomatoes, and also peel cucumbers if using them raw. Cucumbers should be burpless variety and are probably better to use peeled with a type of vinegar. Bell peppers can add flavor and color and the red ones are less gassy. Asparagus tips should be cooked. Remember veggies are best if slightly cooked because raw can cause issues. A good dish to consider for summer is chicken fajitas with these veggies."

Leigh Anne Burns, MS, LDN, RD

Healing NET Foundation Note: Click here for a patient resource from NET FUSION (Novartis) for information on how diet choices can affect carcinoid syndrome.