What's On Your Plate?

Choosemyplate.gov recommends what most people's plate should look like for a healthy, balanced diet. For NET patients, I recommend your first step to is to approach YOUR unique plate like you approach a consultation with your surgeon. You put together your meal plans by identifying the symptoms you are currently experiencing such as: poor fat absorption, GI issues (gas, diarrhea), undesired weight loss or gain, etc. Then, you modify your foods and plan your meals to reduce your symptoms. For example, foods lower in fat and sugar make it easier for the GI tract to absorb, and reduce diarrhea. Knowing which foods can cause you to be more gassy will help you be more comfortable. Healthy eating for NET patients usually includes small feedings throughout the day, including 2-3 snacks. Healing NET Foundation will be providing you with good resources and exploring ways to prepare foods and alter recipes in the weeks ahead.